TRE Services is working every day on new ideas and concepts to improve and maintain the refractory linings in the steel mill industry. These new refractory concepts incorporate cost efficiency for the steel mills, decreased outage durations for the steel mills, reducing safety hazards on the job, and installing a refractory lining that functions as good as if not better than the original design.

For example:
Taphole repairs or replacements

TRE maintains an inventory of refractory brick, block and plugs available for emergency or normal maintenance. TRE has the equipment instock and ready to ship for Core and Plug repairs.

Hearth Wall repairs and replacements

Tuyere Surround repairs or replacements

Stack linings

Stove repairs and replacements

Hot Blast Main repairs and replacements

Expansion Joint replacements

TRE maintains an inventory of expansion joint brick available for emergency repairs or normal maintenance.
Contact us to check on our current inventory.
TRE has opened an office in Zhengzhou China to provide onsite quality control for customers purchasing refractories from sources in China. TRE China can be onsite at the refractory plant for inspections upon request.