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Services include:

  • Refractory lining assessments.
  • Taphole refractory maintenance and repairs.
  •  Field Inspections directed at determining hotspots on furnaces and assistance with plans to correct lining problems resulting in hotspots.
  • Refractory consulting for proposals and assistance with refractory concepts.
  • Refractory technical assistance with regard to specification, selection, bid evaluations, and inspections for procurement.
  • Refractory inspections at manufacturer and onsite inspection during installation.
  • Refractory technical analyses and engineering calculations.
  • Furnace monitoring data analyses and the specification of monitoring system requirements, including analyses aimed at salamander tapping and/or hearth campaign extension recommendations.
  • Failure analyses of lining and cooling systems aimed at resolving recurring failures through enhanced monitoring and refractory maintenance and or replacement.
  • Furnace evaluations aimed at establishing the condition of the lining and its rate of deterioration so as to determine the expected campaign life and or determine the weak areas and recommend measures to strengthen those areas to achieve a balanced or synchronized lining.
  • Refractory Wear Monitors for Blast Furnace Bosh and Stack applications.
  • Furnace Lining Assessments.
  • Construction planning assistance with regard to refractory and cooling member installation logic and requirements.
  • Installation specification writing for refractories and cooling members.
  • Construction installation advisory and inspection services including onsite evaluations of residual refractories to determine the extent of refractory to be replaced.
  • Construction Supervision of refractory installations, including the documentation of the refractory installation with regard to quality, duration and manpower.
  • Video inspections of stack refractory linings.

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