Q: What refractory does TRE keep in stock?

A: TRE maintains an inventory of 2300IFB, 2800IFB and 65% alumina brick suitable for use in hot blast main with services temperatures up to 2700F. The brick are in shapes suitable for diameters of 4 to 7 feet. There are special shapes for expansion joints and for performing repairs.

A: TRE maintains an inventory of super micropore carbon block and plugs suitable for blast furnace taphole repairs. TRE has the equipment to be able to perform core and plug repairs available for sale or lease.

A: TRE maintains an inventory of wear rods suitable for monitoring wear in the hearth, bosh and stack.

A: TRE maintains an inventory of special shapes for salamander tapping using the TRE methodology.

Q: Where does TRE work?

A: TRE has performed repairs in North and South America and provided onsite advisory services in Europe. TRE has employees in China and the United States and has travelled to most nations with integrated steel mills, including Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, England, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Serbia, and China.

Q: If I have an emergency how quickly can TRE be onsite to help?

A: Typically it takes 24 to 48 hours for a specialist to reach the site, depending on the location.

Q: Does TRE perform the repairs or does it use subcontractors?

A: TRE is an engineering company. Typically we work with a local contractor to perform repairs. TRE supplies engineering, installation advisory services and the materials required. In the case of core and plug repairs TRE has the equipment required in the event the local market does not.